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Courtesy of the Artist


2019 —

Lee Eun Young worked as an artist in residence in the Young Wol Museum in Young Wol in South Korea. There she made an installation with many pleated skirts, by working as patiently as a monk, using Korean newspapers. The texts can no longer be read, only a small part is visible. But the total installation tells a lot about her ideas and theories, just like those of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. He wrote the book “Le pli” (the Fold).

His theories are connected to the baroque philosopher Leibniz. In short: In the view of Deleuze/Leibniz, the fold is a projection screen. Our perception is a projection on a folded screen in our head, the dark room. That means that we see only a part of the reality. When you would be able to stretch the folded screen to a flat screen, you would see much more. To visualize this, you can fold a photographic paper, like a pleated skirt (French: jupe plissée). Put this in a camera obscura (pinhole camera) and let the exposure of the reflected light begin. After processing the paper in the darkroom, you will see the difference between visibility and invisibility.

It would be special to treat one of her objects with light-sensitive material and project reality onto it. After development in the right chemicals, the pleated reality is created.

Museum Young Wol, South Korea