‘Où va le monde?’







Courtesy of the Artist


2015 —

For the IFFA  project in Cité Des Arts in Paris, I have chosen the subject, ‘the women right’ which is also human right.  Therefore, I worked on serie works of photography of Afghanistan’s women in burka in Kabul with the serie photography that are taken in Paris. Some pictures that I combined( Kabul & Paris) shows the similar  and contra-dictional situation.

Being grown up and educated in Eastern country and living in Western Europe, I am very much interested in both side of culture, the righteousness of human beings and the equal right of women in the world. In one serie of five portraits of a young Afghanistan’s girl, I wanted to show the different emotions, changing expressions on the face of the girl who are facing the reality of being woman in that particular society.

Behind  the beauty, there are sadness, fear, anger and insecurity.

I have a feeling that these Muslim women are not only imprisoned in their burka but also in their daily life.

I’m asking by myself, what is under the cover?  Which personality is under the cover?

As long as the curiosity grows, my imagination grows.